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About Us

Zing Boarding School is successfully moving forward its secondary session at Khokana, Lalitpur since 1999 AD. During this short span of time one can noctice tremendous structural and educational changes to prove the best for our students from different locality. Similary, in forthcoming academic session, we are introducing New scientific education system with Monthersory techniques to give wider interest to the parents to admit theri children for their brilliant future. We are in the process of strengthening and enhancing our teaching faculty to meet future challenges. We are pretty sure that ZBS is going to be the one of your choices for schools. We assure you that you will feel proud to admit your children by all means.


ZBS is an institution where every student is given special attention and care to be equiped with skills to face the changing environment in the world, and to compete for successful life. We are in the face 21st century. Obviously many unexpected changes will come up due to technological, economic development and other development. So, our main commitment is to nurture the hidden potentials of your children to shape their bright future.


" Education is the light of life" is the main motto of Zing Boarding School as an educational institution. ZBS believes that love encouragement and discipline can go together in education in the pious Nepali spirit. It is our belief that it would be the insitute for preparing rightly proficient human resource which is equipped with all the knowledge and skill to better serve the society.